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Bangkok bans street food!

Bangkok bans street food!

To the dismay of foodies everywhere, Bangkok will be the first to enforce a ban on all street food stalls in Thailand! By the end of the year all street food sales will be forced inside. There may be a chance for mobile carts but that’s not known yet either.

I honestly can’t imagine a bigger loss to street food lovers like myself! I preferred Thai food over any other countries offerings during my year in Asia and the street food was unreal!

Bangkok is a whirlwind of street vendors everywhere you find yourself. This brings with it new scents, sounds, many interactions and amazing food.

The government is making this move to reclaim the soon to be empty pavement and sidewalk space to open it up to the mass of people passing through on foot each day. They also feel it will restore order and hygiene. I have eaten countless amounts of street food here without being sick once.

The busy lifestyle in a city this size needs street food. I can’t imagine anyone from Bangkok wanting this to go away either. They are eating on the go constantly in this bustling city.

I found myself and lots of other travellers also eating street food instead of sitting for a meal so we could get on with what we went to see in a city that has a lot going on!

The biggest loss is the culture surrounding the street food stalls and markets. You just don’t find the same food in a restaurant and the experience of street food is something I enjoy everywhere I travel and Bangkok takes it further!

Today I’m craving Bangkok street food from Khao San Road to Soi Sukhumvit.

Here are some photos and info on where my favourite stalls are! Find them fast they are closing soon!

Some of the best street food is found near The Thien Pier. This is where you get off riverboat that travels on the Chao Phraya river if you want to see Wat Pho and The Grand Palace. Everyone that goes to Bangkok visits these two attractions but many who don’t use the riverboat for transportation miss out on this bustling market with delicious food!

This stand had a bit of everything and I think it is one of the best in the city!

I often ate squid or octopus here and it was always well presented even on a foam plate! Sauces were excellent and one of the things that makes each vendor unique!

Fresh fruits of all kinds are available throughout the city and it is the perfect snack for being on the go and in the heat. 


On Khao San road you have to try Jojo Patthai(Pad Thai) serving the best Pad Thai I have ever had. They also have amazing spring rolls! Located next to McDonalds on Khao San Road it’s easy to find and even though there are so many similar stands this one is my top pick. 

Jojo Patthai has the best Pad Thai I have ever had over and over again! Prices start at $1 for Pad Thai with egg and go up to $2 for egg, chicken and shrimp.

Jojo Patthai on Khao San road! The best! 


Also in the Khao San district is this gem of a food stand. One of the best selections of hot curries and other dishes are available here served hot and fresh. Throughout the day there is a constant stream of customer and vehicles pulling up and delivering huge plastic bags filled with newly prepared food to replenish the selection. You can find this one at the end of Rambuttri Alley where it meets the roundabout across from Swensen’s Ice Cream. 

The best hot food stand in Bangkok!


Chinatown in Bangkok is also known for it’s bustling street market. One of the common items to buy here is freshly made roasted chestnuts.


If you are in Bangkok while Jackfruit is in season you will be in luck! Not always the easiest fruit to find it is one of my favorites.

Now that I’ve shared some of my suggestions for where to eat in Bangkok do yourself and your tastebuds a favor and get there before it’s too late!

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