About Gone on a Whim

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Gone on a Whim is about choosing a destination, booking a ticket, putting together a basic plan, packing simply and taking off!

I grew up in a small Canadian town called Southampton on the shores of Lake Huron. Ever since I was a child I was interested in other countries and cultures and knew I would some day have the opportunity to see them for myself. 

I want my writing and photography to inspire you to travel and also give some insight on how to go about travelling to desitinations you may not have considered. 

Most often when I travel it ranges from a few weeks to a few months until recently when I decided to take a full year off to travel. This was a dream of mine from when I first went on a backpacking trip to Costa Rica and decided when the time comes I will do a full year away. 

Most of the travel I do is motivated by an obsession with surfing! A lot of the time this leads me off the beaten path. This has brought me to some of the most beautiful beaches and reefs in the world. It has also exposed me to an array of local cultures which intrigued me to explore what was beyond the beaches. 

In addition to fueling my surf obsession I like offshore sailing, mountain and jungle treks, scuba diving, swimming, snowboarding but mostly experiencing cultures and appreciating diversity.  

I love to eat fresh local food with street markets being my favourite. Not only the variety of what’s offered but also the whirlwind of scents, sounds and sights all around you. 

I have stayed in hotels for as little as $5 per night and ate meals for even less. In some cases I have had rooms that were much more money and less inviting. I have also spent $20 and stayed in one of the nicest rooms I have had anywhere and steps to an empty beach.

Hot water is a luxury in a lot of the regions or even countries I have been. AC goes a long way staying in a city but I prefer a fresh breeze on the coast. These simple pleasures while travelling can make any simple room with hot water feel luxurious. This aspect of how I travel is also humbling as I feel the experiences I enjoy in the destination outweighs not seeing a remote or less commonly travelled area because you will have to compromise even a little. 

Gone on a whim…

Robbie Mamo